Only you can answer that.
BUT something brought you here.

Maybe you were referred here by a friend.
Maybe you were searching for help on the internet.
Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a coach or joining a men's group. 

Or maybe you read No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Glover and it turned your whole world upside down – in the best possible way.

No matter what brought you here, the truth is: You’re here for a reason.  

You’re here because  you’ve been leading a life of quiet desperation.
You’re here because you’ve been failing to live up to your potential.
You're here because you've been suffering in silence. 
You’re here because you’re a Nice Guy...

And you’ve decided that it’s time for a f*cking change. 




The self-help industry used to be catered primarily to women.

Men were told to suck it up and keep our feelings to ourselves and walk it off and keep truckin’.

Thankfully, people realized that sucking it up doesn't f**king work. 

Now, the men’s self-improvement industry is booming - which is a good thing.

But there’s a problem. 

Many of today's coaches, Instagram influencers, and self-proclaimed experts in the so-called man-o-sphere perpetuate the idea that if you want to be successful in life, you must become an Alpha Male.

That’s right. You've seen the messaging. 

Alphas get the women. And the promotion. And everything else in life. If you’re not an Alpha Male, then you’re just a complete beta male loser. 

So...what's the problem with this idea?

Well, for one thing, it makes most men feel worse about themselves.

It makes men think that because they don’t have six-pack abs and seven-figure bank accounts and unshakeable confidence in every single area of life that they are big, fat, undesirable losers. 

Oh, and it's also total bullsh*t.



Completely made up. 


Alpha Male isn’t even a thing. 

The idea of the Alpha Male first took hold in 1970 when wildlife biologist David Mech published a book about his observations of Alpha wolves in the wild. Some years later, he then renounced his original findings after discovering that this so-called alpha behavior was just mom and dad wolves caring for their pups. 

Mech even tried to get his publisher to unpublish the book. 

It was too late though. 

The man-o-sphere eventually ran with this whole Alpha Male thing and still uses it to inform a lot of bad advice, making a lot of men feel like total crap in the process.


You DO NOT need to become an Alpha Male (again, not a thing) to succeed in your career, attract women, master dating and relationships, find happiness, and live an awesome life.
You need to abolish your Nice Guy Syndrome, develop new core beliefs, embrace your authentic self, cultivate meaningful friendships, and become an INTEGRATED MAN. 
That's why I put my blood, sweat, and tears into creating Integrated Man University. 


  • Accepts all aspects of himself
  • Has a strong sense of individuality
  • Makes his own needs a priority
  • Is comfortable with his masculinity 
  • Embraces his sexuality
  • Has integrity
  • Is a leader
  • Is clear and direct
  • Expresses his feelings
  • Can be nurturing and giving without people-pleasing
  • Knows how to set boundaries
  • Deals with conflict in a positive manner
  • Responds to life impeccably, in mind, body, and spirit


Certainly, there is nothing wrong with being nice to others. But this isn’t about being nice to others. This is about being nice to yourself. When you never stand up for your values, make your own needs a priority, or walk away from bad situations, you’re denying yourself the life you deserve. And you’re not really being nice at all

You’re also venturing down a path towards frustration and heartbreak.

As Dr. Robert Glover defines in No More Mr. Nice Guy, the classic Nice Guy is:

  • The husband who lets his wife run the show
  • The friend who will do anything for anybody, even though his own life is a mess
  • The boyfriend who frustrates his girlfriend because he is so afraid of conflict that nothing ever gets resolved
  • The man who lets people walk all over him because he doesn’t want to rock the boat
  • The man who never says NO or tells people when they are imposing on him
  • The man whose life seems under control until…BOOM…one day he snaps and does something to destroy it all 

Nice Guys exhibit a number of characteristics and behaviors that keep them from experiencing the love they want, having the sex they want, and living the lives they want.

  • Nice Guys desperately seek the approval of others. 
  • Nice Guys constantly put other people’s needs and wants before their own.
  • Nice Guys sacrifice their personal power. 
  • Nice Guys are disconnected from other men and their own masculinity. 
  • Nice Guys co-create unfulfilling relationships. 
  • Nice Guys are sexually frustrated.
  • Nice Guys do things with unspoken expectations. 
  • Nice Guys believe they are unlovable and defective. They are terrified of rejection.
  • Nice Guys often fall for problematic partners.
  • Nice Guys have tremendous difficulty setting boundaries.
  • Nice Guys settle. They settle for crappy relationships, crappy sex, crappy jobs, and crappy lives. 

Does this sound like you?  If so, then it’s time for a change.  Because what you’ve been doing isn’t working.  

It’s time to abolish your Nice Guy Syndrome and start getting what you want in love, sex, and life.   

It’s time to start your journey towards becoming an INTEGRATED MAN.  

And, no, you don’t need six-pack abs or a bunch of tattoos or a fancy car. And you definitely don’t need to become a raging dickhead. 

The opposite of a Nice Guy is not an asshole. Nor is it an Alpha Male.


An Integrated Man feels good about himself from the inside out. An Integrated Man does not seek the approval of others. An Integrated Man seeks to improve himself – not so others will like him, but because he knows he can add value to the world.


My name is Tony Endelman. 

I am an author, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Integrated Man Cave and Integrated Man University.  

My personal website has been named one of the Top 100 Self-Improvement blogs and my writing has been featured in publications like The Huffington Post, YAHOO!, Thought Catalog, Elephant Journal, MindValley, Thrive Global, Lifehack, Psychology Today, and The Good Men Project.

I am a certified transformational life coach, trained specifically in Strategic Intervention, which was created by Tony Robbins and his partner Chloe Madanes to describe their highly effective change work. 

I am certified in the Psychology of Happiness by Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, one of the world’s foremost experts on happiness and creator of the most popular class in the history of Harvard University. 

And perhaps most importantly, I am one of Dr. Robert Glover’s certified No More Mr. Nice Guy coaches. Over the last several years, I have coached hundreds of men in both one-on-one and group settings and helped them transform their lives. 

Oh, I’m also a recovering Nice Guy. In fact, I was a Nice Guy of disastrous proportions. And not just around women. I was a Nice Guy in nearly every facet of my existence. It was pathetic. And I was miserable. But then I decided to take charge of my life.

Are you ready to take charge of your life? If so, you’re in the right place. 


Integrated Man University is a comprehensive, all-inclusive program dedicated to giving you everything you need to shed your Nice Guy skin and become an Integrated Man. 

Are you tired of being unfulfilled?

Are you tired of feeling like NOTHING seems to go your way? 

Are you tired of feeling like all you do is give and get nothing in return?

Are you tired of putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own?

Are you tired of never getting what you want in love, sex, and life?

I promise you I can relate. I can also promise you that radical transformation is possible. 

If you take what you learn in this program and implement into your life, your entire world can - and will - change for the better. 

Integrated Man University will teach you everything you need to become an Integrated Man – a man who is awake, who takes responsibility for his own needs, who is comfortable in his sexuality, who is courageous, purposeful, and passionate. A man who embraces all that makes him uniquely male. 

PLUS, when you join Integrated Man University, you’ll instantly become part of an incredible community. A cohort. A tribe. 

And now more than ever, men need a tribe.


"One of the most informative, encouraging, game-changing, and FUN programs I've ever been been a part of."

Michael D.
Austin, Texas

"After Integrated Man University, I quit my job and started my own firm. IMU gave me the courage to change my life."

Robert E.
Dallas, TX

"Being part of this tribe helped me go from frustrated and depressed to thriving and happy. I'm forever thankful."

Bernard F.
Frederick, MD


"Tony is one of those rare men who goes all in: whether it means paying his dues and studying with the best and brightest to become a comedian, moving across the country to a city that enlivened him, diving into his own darkness and demons, becoming a professional life coach, or founding Integrated Man University. He doesn't cheat himself and he won't let you cheat yourself either. If you are ready to get unstuck and take charge of your life, Tony will show you how."

- DR. ROBERT GLOVER, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn inside Integrated Man University:

  • How Nice Guys Navigate Relationships
  • How Nice Guys Navigate Sex
  • How Nice Guys Navigate Work
  • How to Break Free from the Nice Guy Syndrome
  • How to Overcome Your Toxic Shame
  • How to Overcome Toxic Perfectionism
  • How to Deal with Anxiety
  • How to Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • The Three Rules for Amazing Sex
  • How to Overcome Sexual Shame and Insecurity
  • How to Deal with Sexual Dysfunction
  • Attachment Theory 
  • How to Navigate the Early and Middle Stages of Dating
  • How to Break Up with a Woman and Do it with Integrity
  • How to Identify Your Values
  • How to Stay Differentiated in Relationships
  • The Principles of Attraction and What Women Seek
  • How to Become More Attractive
  • How to Approach Women
  • How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection
  • How to Create Positive Emotional Tension
  • How to Set the Tone and Take the Lead in Dating and Relationships
  • How to Set Boundaries
  • How to Test for Interest and Become a Social Animal
  • How to Discover Your Passion and Purpose 
  • How to Deal with Your Ruminating Brain
  • How to Let Go of Attachment to Outcome
  • How to Lovingly Not Give a F*ck
  • Why Most of Your Fears are Unjustified
  • How to Create a “Great Cake of a Life”
  • How to be the Non-Judgmental Observer of Self


Are you ready to stop the hiding, the approval-seeking, and the people-pleasing? Are you ready to stop putting everyone else's needs before your own? Are you ready to stop letting fear dictate your life?
Are you ready to live more boldly, experience more joy, and become your authentic self?


Here's just some of what you'll enjoy when you join Integrated Man University:


Keep going back to the 100+ lessons as much as you want, for as long as you want. Plus, you'll have immediate access to all new and updated content.


Get 12+ weeks of group power calls AND healing calls. Groups are truly the most effective way to break free from the Nice Guy Syndrome.


Go deep on a powerful one-on-one breakthrough call with a certified transformational life coach and certified No More Mr. Nice Guy coach.


Get hundreds of exercises to help you break free from the Nice Guy Syndrome & become an Integrated Man.


Our private community and private chat allow you to share wins, gain feedback, connect with others & more.


You can't do this work alone. Meet other like-minded men and become part of an incredibly supportive tribe.


Get everything you need to abolish your Nice Guy Syndrome, become your authentic self, and start getting what you want in love, sex, and life. 


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  • 100+ Video Lessons
  • Group Coaching
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  • Journal Exercises
  • Action Items
  • Private Community
  • A Kick-Ass Tribe of Men
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  • 100+ Video Lessons
  • Group Coaching
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Journal Exercises
  • Action Items
  • Private Community
  • A Kick-Ass Tribe of Men
  • and MORE!